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1. What is an ICO?

ICO is an acronym for Initial Coin Offering. ICOs are an excellent tool for innovative and potential projects to be able to raise funds for execution through the launch of a new cryptocurrency. Generally, projects that use Blockchain technology launch a digital currency with its own characteristics and offer them for sale. The purpose of the project is to engage a whole community of first-time users that believe in the project's disruptive potential.

2. What is an Swapy Token?

Swapy Token (ERC20) is a cryptocurrency launched for the Swapy.Network project, which aims to provide Universal Access to Credit. Swapy Token allows you to build a financial ecosystem around the services offered, ensuring access to the network by the owners of the tokens. All the services offered by Swapy.Network use Swapy Token as an official currency to access these services.

3. What is the Swapy Network?

Swapy Network is a collaborative network where financial institutions and individuals can interact directly in order to have services such as credit, investments, insurance or even making their own data available in exchange for Swapy tokens. Through our Swapy Network, you will have access to Swapy Exchange, Swapy Financial ID and Swapy DataMarket, as well as other services that can be added to the network in the future.

4. Is Swapy Token an investment?

The demand for Swapy Tokens may influence on its price variation, which may be positive or negative. With the success of our network, it is expected that Swapy token increases its market value and price, too This is an interesting advantage for early adopters of the platform. However, individuals who are interested in buying Swapy Token should keep in mind that it is not a promise of profit as it may be distinguished to investments, such as stock market share, debentures, fixed-income security or derivatives. The Swapy Token does not follow a targeted benchmarking system, or rather, there is not an official rate or any stock market index applied to it. Therefore, this does not represent the company shares, and this will not distribute profits or dividends. The purpose of Swapy Token is to be a common way of general transactions in order to facilitate the payment for the services of individuals or organizations that will interact on the Swapy Network platform.

5. ICO versus IPO: What is the difference between them?

Nowadays, big companies open capital of the market shares through IPO (Initial Public Offering). Basically, what they do is to offer it publicly at the Stock Market, for instance. Part of the market share goes to other people or institutions that are not the original partners or founders. on IPO system, the companies are already validated and commercially established, requiring more capital to expand on their desired speed.

On the other hand, ICOs work differently. Blockchain projects that are starting off with great technological, social and transforming potential, offer part of their crypto-coins to finance the execution of the projects. Therefore, the ICO should not be seen as an investment. This should not be associated with the IPO either.

6. How can I buy Swapy Tokens?

There are two main phases, presale and crowdsale. Both of the phases require, from individuals or institutions, the exchange the corresponding amount of Ether (ETH) for the amount of Swapy Tokens is necessary to buy Swapy.

The Sales dates and instructions will be announced exclusively in our official website [ www.swapy.network ]. Make sure that all the channels and medias are aligned with the same information before making your transfer. Please, be aware of scammers, frauders and phishing. In case you receive any contradictory information, please contact us immediately. If you have any questions, please contact us directly on contact@swapy.network. We suggest that MYETHERWALLET.COM must be the method that you use in order to store your Ethers before making the exchange for Swapy Tokens. For safety reasons, type letter by letter on your browser in order to avoid any problem. We kindly warn our Token buyers that we do not to send links through our media to proceed with the purchase of Swapy Tokens.

7. Do I have any advantage of buying on the presale

Presale will begin on: March 19th at 12:01 PM (UTC-05)
Discounts :
- 15.38% discount for the first 5 million (0 to 5MM) USD raised
- 12.31% discount for the next 5 million (5MM to 10MM) USD raised
- 7.69% discount for the next 5 million (10MM to 15MM) USD raised

Our Token Sale will begin on: April 26th at 12:01 PM (UTC-05)

Price per 1 SWAPY:
- Phase 1: $ 0.55 USD (15.38% discount)
- Phase 2: $ 0.57 USD (12.31% discount)
- Phase 3: $ 0.60 USD (7.69% discount)
- Phase 4: $ 0.61 USD​ (6.15% discount)
- Phase 5: $ 0.63 USD​ (3.08% discount)
- Phase 6: $ 0.65 USD

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8. If I buy Swapy Tokens, when can I sell them?

Swapy Tokens can only be sold at the end of the crowdsale phase (15 days after the crowdsale starting date) . After that, Swapy Tokens can be sold whenever the buyer would like to, and also, as long as there is a demand for Swapy Token. The sale may be made on specific exchanges of crypto-coins indicated by the Swapy Network team. For any information in regard with the exchanges, Token buyers must register in one of the indicated exchanges to make the transactions. Each exchange has specific rules and rates for this type of service.

9. Are the Tokens part of the company shares?

No. Tokens are not related to company shares. Swapy Token buyers must use it on the Swapy Network, resell or store the tokens. Swapy Token owners have no share purchase rights for the company, They only have token usage rights.

10. Why should I buy Swapy Tokens?

All services offered on the Swapy Network will be accessible exclusively through Swapy Tokens, each with its specific value. By switching directly with us (Ether by Swapy Token), during the presale and crowdsale phases, you will have access to the predetermined launch price. After the crowdsale ends, the token value is subject to variations according to supply and demand.

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Swapy Exchange

Swapy Exchange provides an innovative way to connect smart money to emerging economies, playing a big role in world’s development.

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Swapy Financial ID

Swapy Financial ID creates an universal financial identity for individuals and organizations, valid worldwide.

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Swapy DataMarket

Swapy DataMarket provides a huge financial data source where individuals have the rights and reap the value of their own data.

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