The Solution for Universal Access to Credit

The sale dates will be announced soon!

The Solution for Universal Access to Credit

The sale dates will be announced soon!

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Endorsed by Tim Draper & Don Tapscott


Early Investors

Draper associates Investar Financial Menorca Millenials Lanzame Capital Huiyin Digital Finance Group Chainrock io Singularity University Ventures Alphachain
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This is our dream for a future enabled by Swapy Network: A world of efficient credit markets, with no barriers to entry for new players, where consumers have the power and reap the benefits of Universal Access to Credit.

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Swapy Exchange

Swapy Exchange connects international investors from countries where the interest rates are lower to credit companies in countries where the interest rates are much higher, providing better returns to the first and lower cost capital for the latter.

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Swapy Financial ID

Swapy Financial ID empower individuals, giving them the right to a worldwide financial identity that is valid anywhere in the world at anytime.

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Swapy DataMarket

Swapy DataMarket transforms user's financial data into value for the data owners. Now, individuals will hold their own data and choose how much tokens they receive in exchange for it, when they want to share, and for whom.

Swapy Network is a decentralized platform that aims to provide Universal Access to Credit.

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Swapy Network Benefits

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Reduced cost of capital on emerging nations

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Better returns for lenders

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Financial identity valid worldwide

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Individuals have the rights and reap the value of their own data

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Easily accessible and lower cost financial data source

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Lower entry barriers for companies

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TGE Details

Symbol SWAPY
Token Type ERC20
Total supply 100,000,000 SWAPY Tokens
TGE price USD$0.6 = 1 SWAPY Token
Hard Cap USD$ 30,000,000
Minimum Contribution USD$1.00
Accepting ETH only
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Token Offer

Company’s Endowment

Partners & Advisors

Team & Early Investors

External Developers Fund

Swapy Protocol is

Open Source

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ggca singularity university
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TOP 3 Singularity University Global Grand Challenge Awards (Prosperity Track) August 2017

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TOP 5 Coindesk Consensus (Proof-of-Work) startup Competition May 2017

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Top 10 Startups Selected to Pitch at G-Startup Worldwide at GMIC São Paulo - August 2016

Exponential Finance
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Singularity University Exponential Finance Innovation Lab Exhibitor 2016 / 2017

menorca millennials
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20 startups selected to “Deceleration” program out of 412 in Menorca, Spain June 2016

Bbooster week canarias
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8 startups selected to BBooster Week Canarias competition June 2017


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ICO Summit Zurich 2017 Swapy Pitch

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Welcome to Swapy Network

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Understand Swapy Network Services and System

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Meet Edmilson Rodrigues - CEO

Swapy Roadmap

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Swapy Endorsements

Tim Draper

Tim Draper

" Very exciting to see Swapy Network going after cheaper credit and student loans. Clever solution. "

Tim Draper's Tweet about Swapy
Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott

" Blockchain will fundamentally change the way we access credit. Proud to be supporting Swapy Network as they make that vision a reality. "

Don Tapscott's Tweet about Swapy

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